Check out Our Top Picks to Make Your Favorite Coffee at Home!

To get the most out of your beans, you need a great coffee maker. We’ve spent quite some time looking at the current models to help you choose the one for you. Drip coffee, espresso, single-serve pod machines, manual brewers; no matter your preference, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top coffee makers by category below.

Drip Coffee Makers

The good old drip coffee maker is known for its ability to brew large pots of American-style coffee. It’s a very convenient brewing method that doesn’t require much involvement in the process. We’ve broken down the best machines by budget and use case.


Learning to brew espresso can feel like a science itself. To help you get started, we reviewed machines on any budget. Beyond, we dug a bit deeper and scouted the market for the best that Breville, De’Longhi, Jura, and others have on offer.

Pod Coffee Makers

One cup at a time, and fast. This is what pod coffee makers promise, and they surely deliver on that. First introduced in the 90s, they have gained wide popularity and are not going anywhere. We had a close look at the most popular machines.

Manual Brewing

Manual brewing leaves you the most room for experimentation, one of the reasons we particularly like it. It’s very hands-on and accessible with widely available and inexpensive brewers out there. We looked into the best products to level up your home brewing.