Hamilton Beach Flexbrew vs Keurig Duo: Review and Guide

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hamilton beach flexbrew vs keurig duo

I was very excited to test the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew and the Keurig Duo since they kill two birds with one stone; convenience with their pod technology and quantity in the form of brewing a full pot.

Finally, companies are starting to catch on and are giving us what we want; a programmable coffee maker that makes one cup just as well as it makes a full pot. Having the option can take the pressure off your usual cramped morning routine. 

Let’s see which one of these two brewers has accomplished this feat more efficiently and which coffee maker serves the best hot coffee.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew
  • Carafe, K-cup, and reusable pod brewing
  • Integrated storage compartment
  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • Double water tanks
Keurig K-Duo
Keurig K-Duo
Keurig K-Duo
  • Carafe, K-cup, and reusable pod brewing
  • Fast Brewing
  • Variety of drink sizes to choose from
  • 60-ounce removable water reservoir

At a Glance

Before diving in, let’s look at the specs of these coffee makers and point out the most important differences and similarities.

Hamilton Beach FlexbrewKeurig K-Duo
Water Tank Size2 x 14-ounce tanks1 x 60-ounce tank
Dishwasher SafeNoYes
Auto Shut Off2 hours5 minutes
Brew Pause ButtonNoYes
Strong Brew OptionYesYes
Storage OptionsYesNo
Brew Size Options12 Cup Pot / 10 or 14 oz.12 Cup Pot / 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz.
Carafe MaterialGlassGlass
Size11.4″D x 12.2″W x 13.7″H12.76″D x 10.94″W x 12.92″H
Weight6.37 lbs.13.2 lbs. 


  • Water tank — Flexbrew has less water tank capacity and is split between two that are not removable
  • Drink variety — Keurig offers a variety of drink sizes to choose from
  • Dishwasher safe — The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew’s components are dishwasher safe
  • Storage — Flexbrew also provides a storage compartment to save counter space 


  • Brewing methods — Carafe, K-cup, and reusable pod brewing; both coffee makers are versatile
  • Heating plate — Both have heating plates to keep the carafes warm 
  • Programmability — They each are equipped with a programable start time of up to 24 hours in advance
  • Auto-off — 60 mins for Flexbrew, 5 mins for Keurig K-Duo
  • Strong brew options — Easily made on both with the use of the strong button 

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

The Hamilton Beach name is not generally associated with a machine that brews as easily as this one does. They have a line of coffee makers that usually land on the upper end of quality and focus on high-quality coffee making. 

This machine is an excellent addition to their lineup as it demonstrates their versatility and expertise. It’s easy to use and offers three brewing options; carafe, K-cup brewing, and reusable pod brewing. Reusable pod brewing is great for when you want to enjoy your favorite ground coffee.

Two For The Price Of One

This is done through the use of separate water reservoirs. One for single-use brewing and another that’s a specific carafe water reservoir. Both have their own viewing window, so you can easily monitor the water level. This is important since each fixed water reservoir is only 14 ounces. 

Hamilton Beach shows its premium roots by making this 2-way coffee maker with all dishwasher-safe parts. This makes it very easy to keep clean, so you always get the same delicious coffee taste. 

More evidence that HB is thinking of you is the integrated storage compartment hidden within the removable drip tray. Here you can store your single-serve filter basket and other K-cup brewing pieces. This is great for saving space in cramped kitchens.  

  • Double water tanks
  • Integrated storage compartment
  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • Water window on each reservoir
  • Auto brew feature for up to 24 hours in advance
  • Warming plate keeps carafe hot
  • Each 14-ounce water reservoir may be too small for some
  • Not the fastest brewing speed

Keurig K-Duo

The name ‘Keurig’ is synonymous with single-serve coffee makers, but just like Hamilton Beach, they are stepping out of their comfort zone to try and break the mold. Keurig offering a machine that makes a carafe is like when McDonald’s tried selling pizza; it’s weird and not very popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. 

On the single-serve side, you have four cup size options (6, 8, 10, and 12-ounce) which is nice to have when multiple people are using it. The machine draws water from its massive 60-ounce removable water reservoir. Refills are few and far between due to its size, and it’s easy to clean. 

This also comes with a single-serve grounds basket, so you can have fresh coffee grounds from anywhere in the world. 

Keurig Always Has A Few Tricks Up Their Sleeve

On the full pot side, one of its nifty advanced features is you can pause the brewing cycle. While you’re being kind and making a pot for everyone, you can pause it and pour yourself a mug while you wait to serve everyone else, one of the perks of being so generous. 

This Keurig K-Duo brewer is much more powerful than the Flexbrew, so it tends to brew faster. This is especially noticeable when making single-serving portion sizes.

Just because it’s a Keurig doesn’t mean it lacks all the fantastic additional features that other carafe machines have. It’s stocked with auto-off, a brew timer, and a heating plate to keep your coffee hot. 

  • Powerful wattage to brew fast
  • Range of cup sizes to choose from
  • One large movable water reservoir
  • Pause button for the brewing cycle
  • Digital timer and auto-off feature
  • Not dishwasher safe

Flexbrew vs K-Duo — The Features

You can’t really know your premium coffee maker unless you compare apples to apples. Here I put all the crucial aspects of each product head-to-head so you can decide which kitchen appliance deserves a spot on your countertop.


Winner: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

There’s not a huge difference in the offered features because both machines focus on simplifying the coffee-making process. But due to our detailed research and testing, I found that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew provides a little more. 

With the storage area for your brew basket and the dishwasher-safe components, HB is trying to offer a lot while staying at this reasonable price.


Winner: Keurig K-Duo

The Keurig K-Duo takes the cake here as it has mastered the quick brew process. The machine is equipped with more power and therefore produces faster cups of coffee at a higher temperature. This is great for brewing different types of pods, as you would rather have coffee too hot than too cold. 

The Keurig also has a pause button so you can stop the carafe brewing process and pour yourself a cup while waiting for the rest to finish. 


Winner: Keurig K-Duo

Hamilton beach vs keurig taste

The taste is only slightly affected by the coffee maker in this case since both utilize very similar styles. The Keurig gets the edge because of the extra power it has. The extraction process is more efficient at a higher temperature because it has more power. 

Taste can be customized via different pods and ground coffee. Stick to lighter and medium roasts with this drip-style machine. If you prefer darker roasts, look at machines that use pressure for their extraction process.


Winner: Keurig K-Duo

Keurig often wins this category with its understated and straightforward design. All their models have a touch of European class, and the Keurig K-Duo coffee maker is no different. With smooth and detailed curves, it will suit almost any kitchen decor. 

While the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is not ugly, the button arrangement is a bit too commercial for my liking, and it seems the focus was on its impressive functions, not form. 

Ease of Use

Winner: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

This might be a tie as both machines have very easy-to-use functions. The HB is the winner, though, simply because there are fewer options. You don’t have to decide on what size drink you want since there is only one option. The Keurig offers a few more brew sizes, so a decision needs to be made every time you use it.  

Cleaning And Maintenance

Winner: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

The clear winner here is the Flexbrew since all of its parts are dishwasher-safe. Easily remove the drip tray and your single-serve brew basket and throw them in the dishwasher. The only issue is the two water tanks which are not removable like it is on the Keurig Duo. 


Winner: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

As per usual, the Keurig is a little more expensive. In this case, I believe it’s worth it because of the additional wattage this machine pumps out. You also get a larger water reservoir, and it’s removable for easy cleaning. Having said that, the price is not that much different, so your decision shouldn’t come down to this one aspect. 


Winner: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

Customer reviews seemed to be split down the middle in terms of crowning a victor. Both have tens of thousands of reviews on Amazon, each with an average of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Many people appreciated the smaller water capacity on the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew; here’s what ‘Debra’ had to say; 

“Absolutely love this machine. It’s compact and easy to use. It’s great with the brewing choices…..and don’t have to purchase pods, so it’s cheaper on the pocket book and not having to store the pods. I really appreciate that it doesn’t store water. Fresh water with every brew.”

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The Keurig comments are largely also positive, as to be expected. This is Keurig’s bread and butter, so I should hope by now they have a product that pleases more people like ‘Shawn C.’

“Finally, a machine that will make a pot or single with a programable feature. This is what I have been waiting on. We make about 10 pots and 50 cups a week. […] Overall I have no complaints yet. Good Job Keurig!!”

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However, no product ever has 100% good reviews, and the one observation that kept creeping up for K-Duo was about the carafe side. This anonymous ‘Amazon Customer’ summed it up best. But he is wrong about the K-Duo FAQs not being on their site; it’s right here

Carafe side only works part of the time, very frustrating, we have had Keurig’s for years with no issues, this one changed my mind about Keurig, read the reviews with the same issues as me, company does nothing to help, refers you to their FAQ sections on their website, which don’t even show the Keurig duo. VERY DISSATISFIED.”

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The Verdict

This was a tough decision for me because even though they are so close, the stand-out differences can significantly affect your cup of coffee. I have to choose the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew as the slightly more intuitive coffee maker. 

Although it lacks cup-size options and boasts a smaller water capacity, it’s more dependable on the carafe side. Also, the fact that it’s made with dishwasher-safe material indicates that Hamilton Beach is actively trying to make our lives easier. 

Now, if they could just give us a bigger water tank, this decision would have been much easier.  

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

Being able to brew K-cups and full pots, this Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer is an excellent choice for versatility. It features 3 different brew sizes and is very easy to use through its separate water reservoirs. All parts are dishwasher-safe, and the auto-brew feature lets you program your drinks in advance

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