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Reason #637 of why I love a good cup of coffee is the Moka pot. There are so many ways to brew coffee grounds, and with all the machines out there, it’s easy to forget how simple the process is. Getting more hands-on like our ancestors used to do adds to the pleasure of using an aluminum stovetop coffee maker. 

It brews its own unique texture and flavor that falls somewhere between espresso and drip coffee brewing methods. The most famous name in Moka pots is Bialetti. They have been making these for over 80 years, and their flagship model, the Bialetti Moka Express, is the benchmark that all other pots are compared to. 

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Their affordable price means you don’t have to commit to just one, and you can experiment with different sizes and materials. There’s room in everyone’s kitchen for one of these; the question is, which one will you get the most enjoyment out of?

Our Top Picks

1. Most Traditional: Bialetti Moka Express 6 Cup

2. Most Stylish: Alessi Pulcina

3. Best For Induction: Bialetti Moka Induction

4. Best Homestyle Design: Geesta Premium Crystal Glass

5. Best Stainless Steel Model: Bialetti Venus

6. Safest To Use: Grosche Milano Moka Pot 6 Cup

7. Best With Heat Source: De’Longhi EMK6

In-Depth Reviews of The Best Moka Pots

Here we break down all the awesome features that each stovetop coffee maker offers.  

Bialetti Moka Express 6 Cup – Most Traditional

At A Glance

Material: Aluminium

Size: 6 cups

Dishwasher Safe: No

Handle: Heat resistant and counterbalanced


Made with traditional Italian design methods for 80 years

Full Aluminum construction

Available in 1-12 cup size options

6 cup version is recommended for North American coffee drinkers

The Bialetti Moka Express is the original if you want the true Moka pot experience. It has been made the same way for over 80 years producing a unique cup of coffee that can only be found with this pot. 

It’s all-aluminum, and the original design hasn’t changed. This is because they have perfected the heat distribution, which helps to reduce the bitter flavor that so many inexperienced users create. 

It’s lightweight and can be brought along on any boat or camping trip; all you need is a heat source. This can be used on any style of stove, but use caution with induction systems; it can make the aluminum too hot and cause a bitter flavor. 

The handle is also noteworthy as it sits at the perfect angle to easily maneuver the pot. You can remove it from the heat and hold it under cold water after the fact without worrying about dropping it. 


Exceptionally well-made in Italy

Aluminum pot design for evenly distributed heat

Comfortable handle 

Compact design for easy travel but offered in larger pot sizes as well


Not great on induction stovetop

Alessi Pulcina – Most Stylish

At A Glance

Material: Aluminium

Size: 3 cups

Dishwasher Safe: No

Handle: Small and plastic


The shape helps improve and enhance the organoleptic properties of coffee 

Designed by a famous Italian architect 

Aluminum casting

Discrete handle

From the oldest to the newest, the Alessi Pulcina is designed by the world-renowned Italian architect Michele de Lucchi. While the outside may look incredible, it’s not all for show. This shape helps extract a more natural flavor from the coffee, and they spent countless hours researching and trying different shapes. 

The entire pot is cast in aluminum to conduct heat evenly and control the temperature and steam pressure. This pot is very quick to heat up, and if it’s getting too hot, it will also cool down faster—no more bitter coffee with this modern design for modern kitchens. 

The word ‘pulcina’ is Italian for chick, and if you look closely at the profile, you can see the resemblance. The handle completes the look and is tucked in nice and close, so there’s no fear of it melting from a nearby heat source. 

When grasping the handle, watch your knuckles, as some people may find it a bit hot at times. 


One-of-a-kind elegant design

Scientifically researched shape to optimize flavor and bars of pressure

Aluminum cast structure

Handle is discrete and out of the way


Cannot be used on any induction stove

Bialetti Moka Induction – Best For Induction

At A Glance

Material: Top – aluminum, bottom – stainless steel

Size: 6 cups

Dishwasher Safe: No

Handle: Heat resistant rubberized material


Stainless steel bottom for induction stovetop

Bi-layer design with aluminum internal casing

Available in 2 color options

The handle is set far away from the stainless steel body 

This stainless steel model has got you covered to make things easier on the person making the coffee and cleaning the pot. This harmonious design combines stainless steel and aluminum to give you bold coffee in a much safer setting. 

The stainless steel takes a bit longer to heat up, but that’s what makes it safe; you won’t have any big temperature swings and can slowly perfect Moka-pot coffee. 

The inside is lined with aluminum to evenly distribute the heat, preventing bitterness. An aluminum body is an original design Bialetti came up with, so naturally, they wouldn’t stray too far from that. 

Stainless steel is also rust-proof, so it will last longer and is perfect for induction hobs. The handle also contributes to its success as its slight curve and distance from the body will help you safely handle this pot. 


Stainless steel outer is much safer and more efficient on induction stovetops

Inside is lined with aluminum to distribute heat evenly

A modern alternative that will last longer than traditional pots

Comes in two different color schemes  


Not safe for dishwasher on account of the aluminum 

Geesta Premium Crystal Glass – Best Homestyle Design

At A Glance

Material: Top – Glass, bottom – aluminum

Size: 9 cups

Dishwasher Safe: No

Handle: Heat-resistant glass


Glass upper chamber

Contemporary design has a homestyle feel to it

Heat resistant glass handle is meant for induction cooktops

Premium aluminum is rust-proof 

This Moka pot also makes the list of best Moka pots for its creativity and comforting design. The first thing you notice is the upper glass chamber that lets you see exactly what’s happening even when the top is closed. 

They say you eat and drink with your eyes, so this pot can make you crave that delicious coffee brew even more. The handle is made from heat-resistant glass to maintain the aesthetic and keep you safe. 

A nice feature of this one is that it’s a little bigger than the others. This one efficiently brews nine cups so you can show off your skills to the rest of your family or visiting guests. The bottom stays true to traditional design and is made from aluminum. 


Clever glass-top coffee maker

Heat-resistant glass handle

Suits any homestyle kitchen decor

Utilizes aluminum for better heat distribution


Hard to make just one cup

Bialetti Venus – Best Stainless Steel Model

At A Glance

Material: Stainless steel

Size: 6 cups

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Handle: Nylon heat-resistant 


Durable stainless steel constructions

Dishwasher safe

Classy design and shape

Drip-less spout

We turned back to the king of Moka pots, Bialetti, for the most formidable Moka pot. This one is made entirely of stainless steel, making it the most durable and best for traveling. The stainless steel also makes it easy to clean as everything can go in the dishwasher. 

The design is upgraded from the traditional Moka pots making it more elegant with smooth curves and a shiny exterior. They have also fitted this with a drip-less spout to keep your kitchen clean. 

You can use this pot on any heat source you can find. Even though stainless steel takes longer to heat up, it also allows you the time to ensure you get the perfect temperature. This versatility makes it great to bring on trips with you if you’re unsure what kind of stove your AirBnB has. 

The black nylon handle stays cool throughout the entire brewing process and is textured for optimal grip. This is also on the larger side, brewing six cups of coffee at once. 


Durable stainless steel construction

Dishwasher safe

Smooth and sleek design features

Black nylon handle


Doesn’t heat up fast

Grosche Milano Moka Pot 6 Cup – Safest To Use

At A Glance

Material: Aluminum

Size: 6 cups

Dishwasher Safe: No

Handle: Heat-resistant rubber over plastic


Safer handle design keeps your hand far from heat

Handle is coated with strong, heat resistant rubber

Traditional aluminum construction

Multiple colors to choose from 

This is the perfect combination of old-school construction but with an updated look. It also improved the safety features, so we had to include it on the list of best Moka pots. 

The handle is really the star of the show here. It’s great if this is your first Moka pot, as you won’t have to worry about burning your hand. The grip is set far away from the body and even has a small knuckle guard at the top. This reminds you to keep your knuckles to yourself. 

The handle is coated in a combination of heat-resistant rubber and plastic, so it never gets hot to the touch. It does stick out a lot, though, so be mindful of any other heat sources nearby. 

Let’s not forget about the final product that this pot brews. Due to its classic aluminum design, it churns out espresso-like coffee much quicker than any stainless steel version. This is also an excellent option for anyone who wants to get their first Moka pot.   


A design that is pleasing to the eye

Re-invented handle to ensure safety and comfort

Aluminum body stays true to original Moka pot design

Great for first time Moka pot users


Hard to store with such a prominent handle

De’Longhi EMK6 – Best With Heat Source

At A Glance

Material: Top – transparent plastic, bottom – aluminum 

Size: 6 cups

Dishwasher Safe: No

Handle: Cool-touch plastic


Includes its own heat source

Auto-shutoff to prevent burnt coffee

Warming setting to keep coffee hot for 30 minutes

Aluminum boiler to ensure an even heating process

If any of the other coffee makers seemed like too much work, I found you the ultimate in automation while still getting that unique flavor that only a Moka pot can provide. This one doesn’t need a heat source since it comes with its own. 

Including a heat plate ensures that the temperature will always be correct. An automatic shutoff feature engages once the water reaches a certain temperature to prevent burning. This is the most common mistake among Moka pot users so having this feature is a huge bonus. 

Complementing this automation is a transparent upper chamber so you can see your Moka pot hard at work. It’s also helpful to see how much you have left while the heating plate keeps it warm. The bottom is made from traditional aluminum, though, so there are no cut corners in the brewing process. 

This is a great modern alternative to enjoying Moka pot coffee with as little effort as possible. 


Includes its own induction base for a heat source

Auto-shutoff feature

Warming setting keeps coffee hot for 30 minutes

Transparent upper chamber


Takes all the fun out of brewing Moka pot percolator coffee 

Buyer’s Guide

Even though there’s not much to a Moka pot, it’s still essential to get the right one for your lifestyle and taste preferences. Take these aspects into account before you commit.


To extract the best flavor from your coffee grounds, it’s paramount to have the correct ratio of coffee to water. So knowing how many cups you usually drink will give you great consistency when you’re brewing. It’s always better to get a size that’s a little too big rather than one too small. There is less of a chance you burn it and make bitter coffee. 

When choosing cup size, keep in mind these are much smaller “cups” than North Americans are used to. The coffee being made is also more robust, so not as much is needed. Because these are so affordable, it may be good to get two, one for yourself and one for when you need to make for a crowd.  


The two materials you will have to choose between are aluminum and stainless steel. The most common and traditional is aluminum. This is how they have been made for over 80 years and continue to dominate the market. 

Aluminum is great for this purpose because of its heat-conductive properties. It heats up fast and spreads evenly to ensure an equal rise in temperature. 

The other option is stainless steel. This is great for durability and cleaning purposes. An aluminum pot must be washed by hand after each use. In comparison, stainless steel can be put in the dishwasher. It also resists rust better than aluminum and, therefore, will last much longer. 

Stainless steel will take longer to make hot water, so it’s imperative to use hot water in a stainless steel pot before you brew, 

Stovetop Compatibility

This is where opinions differ because there is more than one way to get the job done. When using a Moka pot with an aluminum body, controlling your temperature is crucial. This can be hard to do with induction hobs. The temperature can spike very quickly if you’re not used to that specific induction stove. 

If you do have an induction base and aluminum Moka pots, you can use a diffuser plate to lessen the intensity of the heat. There are specially made ones for this purpose so your pot can balance safely on a hob and have a gradual and controlled rise in temperature. 

You can avoid all of this if you get a stainless steel base chamber. The metal is designed to handle it without making your coffee bitter.  


Once you have chosen between aluminum and stainless steel, the rest of the design features are mainly for personal preference. The color, size, and other design features won’t have the same effect on your brew as the type of material used. 

Many have different color options available now so you can match with your kitchen. There are also a couple that has a clear upper chamber so you can watch as your coffee brews. 

Take note of the handle, as this will differ slightly from pot to pot. Some are positioned quite close to the hot upper chamber in the name of style. Some are set far back to ensure your safety, making them bulky for storage. 

While most handles are heat-resistant, some are more than others. Determine your level of comfort before choosing a Moka pot. 


What is a Moka pot?

A Moka pot is a specific apparatus used to brew coffee. It makes lighter espresso or strong drip style and is very popular in Italy. Traditionally made with aluminum, all you need to operate this is coffee, water, and a heat source. It’s great to have for travel, and campers especially swear by it. 

What is a Moka pot made of?

A Moka pot is traditionally made with aluminum. Italy company Bialetti has used this material to make Moka pots for over 80 years. It’s great for conducting heat, so your coffee brews fast and evenly. Some pots are made with stainless steel, which slows the heating process but prevents it from getting too hot too fast. 

Are Moka pots portable?

Yes, Moka pots are portable and are great for travel. They are lightweight and relatively durable, so you can throw them in your suitcase and bring them everywhere. Just ensure you have a way of heating it when you get to your destination. These are great for camping trips; fire-brewed coffee, anyone?

How long do Moka pots take to brew coffee?

The time a Moka pot takes to brew coffee is only a few minutes. However, a couple of things have to happen to get the right brew time. First, it’s always advised to heat your water before adding it to the water chamber. Using cold water will delay the brewing process. Second, ensure your heating source is hot. You want to add your preheated water directly to the heat source to create boiling water quickly and extract the best flavor. 


At first glance, you’d think there is not much to know about a Moka pot. They have limited technology and are essentially reverse brewers. Most machines work with the boiling water coming from the top, but a Moka pot works the other way due to the excessive pressure buildup. The Bialetti Moka Express produces unique concentrated coffee that only this portable coffee maker can provide. With its affordable price, having at least one in your collection makes sense.  

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