Keurig K250 vs K250 Plus – Differences and Buying Guide

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keurig k250 vs k250 plus

Keeping up with Keurig machines is similar to choosing an iPhone. There are so many options with minute differences that it feels like you need to work at a Keurig store to get the full scoop. 

I know how frustrating it can be, so I had to get all the details for myself. The truth is that these two machines are so similar that I really had to do some digging.

Differences and Similarities at a Glance

K250K250 Plus
Weight11lbs. 13lbs.
Dimensions15″ x 9″ x 13.7″17.3” x 11.6” x 16.2”
Brewing Sizes4, 6, 8, 10 oz. cups /22, 26, 30-oz. carafe  4, 6, 8, 10 oz. cups / 22, 26, 30-oz. carafe
Quickest Brewing OptionUnder 3 minutesUnder 3 minutes
Water Reservoir Capacity40 ounces40 ounces
Auto on/offNoYes
Controls2-inch black and white touchscreen 2-inch black and white touchscreen 
Brew Strength ControlYesYes
Color OptionsVariousVarious
Energy Saver NoYes

Identifying the differences takes a keen eye with these two single-serve coffee makers. While there are many similarities, It’s tough to see why the Plus was even released. 

One of the few improvements on the Plus is the timer and auto-off feature. This is a must-have for a devout coffee lover who wants to wake up to a sweet coffee aroma filling the morning air. It’s great that you don’t have to worry about turning it off after; you can head straight to work without worrying about running up your electricity bill. 

As a specialty model, the K250 Plus is also equipped with energy-saving technology. It can get the job done without drawing as much power as other coffee machines—another bonus on your electricity bill. 

Size is another difference between the two. The Plus is slightly bigger and heavier, even though the 40-ounce water reservoir is the same size as the K250. It must be all that energy-saving technology. 

Let’s drill down further to see if the K250 Plus justifies a higher price tag than the K250 model. 

K250 vs K250 Plus: Head-to-Head

Let’s put each one under the microscope.

Keurig K250

As the older model, the K250 is understandably easier on the wallet. This is always a great way to start, but no matter how much you pay, ultimately, it’s the value that we are all after. Is this worth what the asking price is? In short, yes. 

It’s not an expensive coffee maker, so it won’t make lattes and cappuccinos, but its convenience is a major positive. It’s compatible with all Keurig 2.0 k-cups, which come in hundreds of different coffee flavors. It also makes a cup in under 3 minutes. This alone could be a huge selling point for the busy professional or families that are on the go. 

Its design is also a positive since it suits many different home decor styles. It somehow blends in while still standing out. The size is nice, too, because it doesn’t take up too much counter space. This is an excellent bonus for condo-dwellers. 

Not all Keurigs are prepared to brew amounts larger than a cup. This machine uses its special K-Carafe when you need to quench a big thirst or serve more than one person. Simply use the larger K-Carafe pods, and it’s no more work than brewing a 4-ounce cup of coffee with a regular K-cup pod. 

  • Brews coffee fast
  • Compact design fits in any kitchen
  • Modern style will suit most home decors
  • Makes multiple brew sizes for cups and carafes
  • No Auto-off
  • No Brew Timer

Keurig K250 Plus

The newer K250 must be an advancement of its predecessor because it now has ‘plus’ in the title, right?…right?

Don’t get your hopes up; there are differences, but are they worth the price increase? Remember, we are looking for value here, not the cheapest or the most expensive. 

The most considerable improvement is the addition of a timer. I’m not sure why this wasn’t included with the K250; not like it’s anything new amongst other coffee maker brands. It shouldn’t be a premium feature to list, but here we are. 

The bonus is the energy-saving technology that this machine has. This is great to reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to reduce energy consumption. It will also ease your electricity bill if you use your machine a lot. 

There is one more difference that was noticeable in the mornings, especially. The K250 Plus brews much louder than the K250. You can’t keep this in the bedroom if you’re worried about waking your spouse. 

When you add up all the little things, you can see what the Plus has that the regular K250 doesn’t.  

  • Energy-saving design
  • Includes a timer, so coffee is ready whenever you want
  • Stronger brew modes available
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Louder brewing when compared to the K250 and other machines
  • Larger than the K250
  • More expensive than the K250

Buying Guide

Let’s look at each aspect individually to compare each type of coffee maker. 


There are a lot of similar features here; 40-ounce water tanks, coffee strength control, removable drip tray, and custom cup sizes. These are all great, but the only real difference in features is the addition of a timer on the K250 Plus. 

You can now program this innovative coffee maker to start brewing even when you’re not in the room. It feels like having a butler when you have a fresh cup of coffee in the morning without having to do anything.   

Winner: Keurig K250 Plus


Both machines brew at an incredible speed. This is a wonderful aspect that all Keurigs have, and these two machines are no different. However, these both do something not every regular model does, and that’s being able to brew large portions. Using their special K-carafe and a K-carafe pod, you can serve the whole family or office many cups of coffee. 

However, the K250 Plus model brews at a much louder volume. Not that it sounds like an airplane taking off, but it’s noticeably louder than the K250, which takes the win here.

Winner: Keurig K250


This may play a huge factor in your decision. If space is of the essence to you, then choosing the machine with a smaller footprint will provide a lot of value to you. That model is the K250. 

For anyone whose space is limited in either an apartment or an RV, then a slim coffee maker is what you’re looking for. The K250 is the superior coffee maker in this instance.   

Winner: Keurig K250

Ease of Use

These are both high-end models of Keurig, and because of that, their ease-of-use value is through the roof. Being able to brew cups of coffee this fast is something other brands are trying to emulate. 

They both have an identical two-inch touch display. Having a touchscreen display is splitting the Keurig population, as some prefer the older control panel with just a few buttons. 

Whether you prefer the old user-friendly control buttons or not, you can’t deny that the new control screen looks way cooler. Since there are plenty of options for brew size, timer, and brew strength, It’s probably easier to navigate with a screen than a bunch of buttons.   

Winner: Tie


Here’s where we can distinguish to two as well. This may be the tipping point for some and make this decision very easy. The newer K250 Plus, with its limited additional features, is actually more expensive than the K250. It’s also harder to get since Keurig has stopped making them. 

Having a timer is nice, but is it worth the extra shillings?  

Winner: Keurig K250

Customer Reviews

The reviews express the same frustration about the similarities between the two brewers. Choosing between a compact size and a timer is a hard decision to make. Patricia A. Davis opted for the K250 and sounded like she was happy with the result;

This coffee maker has met all my expectations. Once I found the coffee blends I like best, I can have my favorite cup any time of day or any mood. This design is a real space saver, too. I don’t have much counter space.” 

Cherie has an insider tip that we can all learn from;

“I tried to fill it with bottled water thinking I was being all fancy and caring for my machine, but as it turns out, that’s no good. The machine was telling me that it was empty. Complicated explanation aside, bottled water does not contain the molecules that the machine senses in order to determine whether or not the water reservoir is full. This was resolved by filling the tank with water from my Brita pitcher. This is better, in my opinion, because I don’t even need to lift the tank out of the machine to fill.” 

In terms of average customer reviews on Amazon, the K250 got an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars, while the K250 Plus was rated as a 4. This is a clear win for the K250.

Winner: Keurig K250

The Final Verdict

I have to give the gold medal to the K250. It’s a quality Keurig that brews one cup or a carafe. Yes, the Plus does this too, but at a higher price. I can live without a timer, and since the machines don’t take long to brew, it’s not the end of the world. 

I wish we could put these two machines together to make the perfect coffee machine. I’m not sure what’s so hard about that, so Keurig, if you’re reading this, give us all the features in one machine! Stop making us choose!

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