Keurig K10 vs K15 – Detailed Comparison and Review

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keurig k10 vs k15

Navigating through the coffee brewer world can be difficult, especially if you’re new to coffee. Finding the right coffee machine can feel overwhelming, particularly when companies like Keurig make machines that look exactly the same. 

The K10 and the K15 are mini coffee makers released as part of Keurig’s mini classics series. They are single-cup coffee makers that offer a straightforward process for a fresh cup of coffee at the push of a button. 

Keurig prides itself in mixing functionality with convenience and stands behind the idea of simplicity: just brew and enjoy in under 2 minutes. But, which Keurig coffee maker holds up to this standard?

Let’s get ready to rumble! It’s a Keurig versus Keurig showdown. 

 Keurig K10Keurig K15 
Product LineKeurig 1.0 Classic Keurig 1.0 Classic 
Weight 8.75 pounds6.6 pound
Height10.79 inches 10.8 inches
Brew Size6-10 ounces6-10 ounces
Brew SpeedMore than 2 minutesLess than 2 minutes
Water ReservoirUp to 10 ouncesUp to 10 ounces
Water Tank NoneNone 
Display Buttons with LED indicators for ‘add water’ and ‘lift handle’Buttons with LED indicators for ‘add water’ and ‘lift handle’
Auto-Off NoneAvailable 

Keurig In Hot Water

While the K10 and the K15 look identical, the truth is the Keurig K10 coffee maker was part of a 2014 recall that saw over 7 million units returned. 

Roughly 200 reports were filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) claiming that the water easily overheated in some brewers during brewing, which could then spray out erratically and burn customers. 

Since 2014 and these reports, the brewer has been discontinued, leading many to believe the K15 is the replacement model for the K10. 

Let’s take a deep dive into why that may just be the case. 

Noteworthy Features 

Both Keurig coffee makers come with a removable drip tray base, making clean-up a breeze and allowing you to accommodate different mugs no matter the cup size. Keeping your drip tray clean is essential to creating the best aroma while your coffee brews. 

An improved feature of the K15 is the auto shut-off, where the machine automatically powers down if no one’s used it in 90 seconds. This feature makes the K15 environmentally friendly and saves you money on your energy bill. 

Identical Designs?

The K10 and K15 are designed to be less bulky than other Keurig brewers, coming in at 10 inches tall and 10 inches deep. Keep your countertops clutter-free but still brew like the big guys; that’s what the classic series is all about. 

What the K10 and K15 may lack in rustic appeal for traditionalists who drink out of French Presses or other pour-over coffees, they make up for in the sleek, compact design. 

As a twin model, they both come in a wide variety of colors to add a modern design to your kitchen. The new and exciting look for coffee is out with the old, in with the new, and boy. 

K15 is for on-the-go coffee drinkers. 

You can make a great-tasting cup of coffee fresh from anywhere. The K15 also has a built-in power cord storage, so no worrying about tripping on pesky plugs.

The K15 allows you to stay caffeinated and rejuvenated the whole work-day from home to the office to back home. I have to give points to the K15 on this one. While you won’t be able to fit this brewer into a briefcase, it’s still the better of the two. 

Winner: Keurig K15


For both the K10 and the K15, the coffee brewing process is the same and developed to be quick and painless, requiring only a few short steps.

First, fill the water reservoir with enough water to match your desired size: 6, 8, or 10 ounces. Next, lift the handle and pop in your favorite K-cup flavor, pressing the handle down until you hear it click into place. Then, press the ‘brew’ button, and bam! Delicious java, one drip at a time.  

Coffee’s never been this easy. 

This simple, one-button coffee brewing process makes this chore effortless. For those who want to eliminate all the meticulous measuring and trial-and-error of using traditional coffee makers, the K10 and K15 are the perfect solutions.  

The K10 and K15 use a reservoir for your water, so you’ll have to refill every time you want a cup. For some, this may be a drawback, but the trade-off is the fast brewing time—the K15 brews in less than 2 minutes. 

The K10, being an older model, doesn’t live up to the Keurig promise of “coffee in under 2 minutes”. For the most part, it takes over 2 minutes, while in some cases, it can take almost 5. If you’re running late for work in the morning, you may need to opt for the drive-thru.  

Winner: Keurig K15


What it’s all about, right? The taste of the coffee between the K10 and the K15 is what sets them truly apart. 

Both brewers are compatible with regularly sized K-Cups, or if you prefer to source your own coffee beans, you can use a reusable pod or My K-Cup.

You can taste the difference.

I’ve found that the K10 brews weaker coffee because it doesn’t heat the water sufficiently. 

The K10 is also prone to not brewing a full cup because the tube connecting to the water tank is known to deteriorate quickly after repeated use. 

The K15, on the other hand, brews a delicious cup of coffee and compliments all the rich flavor and variety that can be found in the hundreds of options for K-Cups from Keurig.

There is no specific strength control setting for both machines, but you can easily make strong coffee the way you like by adding more or less water to the reservoir. 

Winner: Keurig K15


While the K10 has been discontinued, there are still machines in circulation. On the CPSC, you can find more information about how to spot whether a K10 brewer is part of the 2014 recall. This recall also applies to the B31 model, which preceded the K10 and K15.  

For the K15, your brewer is under the manufacturer’s warranty for precisely one year from the purchase date. After one year, you may be eligible for a 20% off discount on your next purchase. 

Winner: Draw

Customer Reviews 

Just what exactly do the customers say? Let’s have a look at some reviews about the K15, the machine that is in the lead so far. Overall it scored 4.1 out of 5, based on more than 8000 global ratings. Joyce M., for example, had this to say about this her K15;

“I love this little machine. I bought it for my camper trailer and it fits great on a small counter. The coffee tastes great, it is easy to use and even my husband has figured out how to make himself a cup! I would highly recommend as the machine is a fun colour, adds life to the kitchen!”

However, User BC360 had a different opinion of the K15;

“It’s definitely shorter than I expected. It’s actually too short to fit any of our regular 10 oz mugs without removing the drip tray. Kind of a bummer because it’s definitely not tall enough, even with the drip tray removed, to fit any of our travel mugs. This isn’t to say that your regular/travel mugs won’t work, but ours didn’t. We just leave the drip tray removed all the time. When we want to use our travel mugs, we have to use two cups to get the job done.”

The K10 was rated an average 3.8 out of 5. Have a look at the individual reviews to get an idea of what customers had to say.

Here’s a breakdown of all the genuine comments customers had regarding both machines.  

Keurig K10


Easy one-button control

Compact when compared to other Keurig coffee makers

Great price makes it affordable on just about any budget 


Unreliable construction and not durable under repeated use

Can take 5 minutes to brew 

Known not to make a full cup of coffee

Brews milder-tasting coffee 

Keurig K15


Simple control button

 Compact size and lightweight design make it portable

Less than $100 for the current model 

Auto Turn-Off feature

Cord storage keeps everything tidy


Fewer additional features compared to other Keurig brewers (ex. temperature control, strength)

Winner: Keurig K15


If you like having an automated, quick, and easy cup of coffee, but aren’t sold on the K10 or K15, there are other options you can look at. 

Don’t Buy If…

If you want to customize your coffee and have more variety of flavors, try looking into the Keurig K-Elite. This simple design allows you to brew with more options like controlling your water temperature, brewing stronger coffee, and lets you choose your brewing size. 

If you’re looking for a single-button machine that can also brew specialty coffees like cappuccinos or lattes, I’d recommend the Keurig K-Cafe

Understandably, filling up the water reservoir each time is a bit of a turn-off. To me, this means my water will never be stale and thereby make my coffee stale. That said, if you’re looking for a water tank brewer, I’d look into the K-55, which features a larger size 48-ounce reservoir. 

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Brewers with a large reservoir size are also more suitable for households that love coffee. If you’re making a single cup to enjoy, single-cup size brewers are a great addition to your routine. But, if you’re a family of coffee drinkers indulging in multiple cups, a water tank brewer is the way to go. 

The Verdict

Ultimately, I have to say the K15 has won the bout as it accomplishes exactly what it’s made to do: brew a savory cup of coffee in less than 2 minutes with no muss, no fuss. 

The K10 is unreliable, short-lived, and brews lukewarm, weak coffee in almost 5 minutes. Not to mention, it’s a mini design that’s been discontinued. 

So there you have it, the obvious choice is the K15. This brewer is best for those who like their coffee black, straightforward, and without bells and whistles while still retaining a bit of futuristic class design-wise. 

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