Keurig Elite vs Supreme – Key Differences and Similarities

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keurig elite vs supreme

If you like Keurig machines but want a little more than just the same cup of coffee every day, then check these out. They still embody the ease and convenience that all Keurigs have, but these excellent coffee makers are on the upper end of the Keurig spectrum. 

Beverage varieties are the big selling point for each of these, but the question is, which are your favorite beverages? It would be nice of Keurig to just manufacture a coffee maker that does it all, but that’s not the world we live in just yet. Until then, we must do our due diligence and see which brilliant coffee maker is right for you.    


Keurig K-Elite
  • 5 different brew sizes
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • 75-ounce water reservoir
  • Auto turn-on
Our pick

Keurig K-Supreme
  •  4 different brew sizes
  • Uses multi-stream technology
  • Multi-positional water tank
  • Compact design

Keurig K-Elite

One of the key differences separating this machine from the Keurig K-Supreme is its variety of brew sizes and temperature control. This has five different sizes to choose from that include a 4-ounce cup which is great if you want a strong shot of coffee in the afternoon.

This range of choices is great for larger households or even small office settings. A massive 75-ounce removable water reservoir is also great for less frequent refills. This will easily get you through the workweek. 

Keurig also wants you to have this for a long time. They’ve installed a calcium indicator informing you when to descale your machine. While this is great for keeping your coffee tasting fresh, it also protects the insides of your machine and keeps it looking just as good as the outside.  

This system keeps it relatively simple as well. You won’t find a fancy touchscreen like on other Keurigs. There is some control over your brewing capabilities, but ultimately this machine specializes in basic coffees made fast. Or you can make tea, hot chocolate, and instant soup easily with the hot water option.

This is more than just a coffee maker. 

Keurig K-Supreme

This represents Keurig’s attempt to make a better cup of coffee without sacrificing speed or convenience. This is the first Keurig coffee maker to feature multistream technology to enhance the flavor and consistency of your coffee extracts. 

The new system works by making multiple punctures in the K-cup pods, allowing the ground coffee to pre-soak. This allows it to brew evenly and provides a more full-bodied flavor for every pod you brew.

Another upgrade on the Keurig K-Supreme is the dual-position 66-ounce water reservoir. It can attach to either the side or the back of your coffee machine to suit your storage needs better. No other machine has this, and it’s an excellent feature for those who reside in apartments and condos where space is limited. 

Despite being a bit smaller than the K-Elite, it still has many of the same functions. It has a brew over ice option and a strong brew option. The control buttons are much easier to navigate on the Supreme and represent Keurig’s goal of making delicious coffee effortlessly.   

Differences And Similarities At A Glance

feature differences

Let’s quickly weigh the things that make these coffee makers different.


  • The K-Supreme features multistream technology, which enhances the flavor of your coffee and ensures more efficient extraction.
  • The K-Elite allows coffee drinkers to adjust the temperature of the water to manipulate flavor. This is advantageous since there are so many K-cups to choose from.
  • A removable water tank is nothing new, but you can choose where it goes on the K-Supreme. Depending on your countertop demands, you can attach this dual-position reservoir to the side or the back.
  • If variety is your cup of tea, then the K-Elite will appeal to you because it can brew more cup sizes than the K-Supreme. It has a 4-ounce brew button for when you just want a few sips of actual coffee. 


  • Both have a strong brew feature that comes in handy when you face a long day at work. 
  • For those summer weekends, either machine can make you an iced beverage with a single button.
  • Keep these in top form by paying attention to the descaling light that both have on top. This is crucial if you want to maintain your coffee maker for a long time and continue to enjoy the cleanest coffee.
  • If you like to experiment with ground coffee that doesn’t come in pod-form, both machines are compatible with the reusable K-cup pods.   
 Keurig K-EliteKeurig K-Supreme
Size13.1 x 9.9 x 12.7 inches10.12 x 14.84 x 14.41 inches
Weight6.6 lbs.5.78
Water Tank Size75-ounces66- ounces
Removable Water Tank
Custom Temp Control
Multistream Technology
Brew Sizes4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz6, 8, 10, and 12 oz

Feature Comparison

Getting all the information on these two pod coffee makers is the only way to choose the best one for you accurately. 


Keurigs are known for lacking features in lieu of speed and convenience. Still, the K-Elite is bucking that trend by offering temperature control options so you can customize your flavor. While the K-Supreme doesn’t have this, it has its own beneficial features headlined by an adjustable water reservoir. You can place it on the side or back, depending on the demands of your countertop. 

Winner: Draw


The K-Supreme delivers a knock-out punch with its new multistream technology. Keurig has also started using it in other models because it produces better cups of coffee. Pre-soaking the coffee grounds helps them heat evenly, so they are more willing to release their delicious flavors when water is applied.   

Winner: K-Supreme


Don’t expect much from any Keurig in this department, but I’m happy to report that the K-Elite is equipped with auto turn-on. While both have an auto-off feature, only the K-Elite will be able to greet you in the morning with a full coffee cup that’s hot and ready.    

Winner: K-Elite

Ease of Use

With all these add-ons that separate themselves from other Keurig machines, it’s hard to believe how easy they both are to use. However, the K-Supreme is more simplified and sticks to Keurigs unwritten mantra of a one-touch brew button option. Due to the options that the K-Elite offers, you will have to put a little more effort into getting the delicious brews you’re promised.    

Winner: K-Supreme


Prices are also very similar, but the K-Supreme seems to be listed slightly cheaper in most forums. This is probably due to the smaller water tank and lack of temperature control options. If either of those two things isn’t important to you, then you can save a few bucks AND get the coffee maker you’ve always wanted. 

Winner: K-Supreme

Customer Reviews

The amount of reviews for these two Pod coffee makers is in the tens of thousands. While I love you guys, I’m not going to read every review for you, but I will comment on the ones with merit. On average, these coffee makers have excellent ratings with 4.8 and 4.5-star ratings on Amazon for the Elite and Supreme, respectively.

However, there are some performance issues being reported, although I have never experienced these personally. The reviews seem to agree that the multi-stream technology is a noticeable addition that makes a difference. ‘Boston’ agrees with a lot of what I’ve covered regarding the K-Elite but has this to add;

“It makes a cup of coffee in less than a minute from turning it on to brew time. You can set it to different temperatures; the ice coffee function is good if you like iced coffee. I can taste the difference in the iced coffee taste compared to when I made one with my other Keurig.”

When there are this many reviews, there’s bound to be some unhappy customers, but sometimes, they make a good point, like ‘Lori & Glen’ who share a common problem I’ve noticed with many Keurigs, not just the K-Elite. Luckily, customer service is on the ball. 

“This model Keurig (k-Elite) I originally bought lasted 29 days before we woke up and the Keurig had leaked water from the brewing spout all over the counter, down the cabinet, and on my wood floors. Amazon was great and replaced immediately with the same model overnight. The replacement leaks off and on. Now we randomly wake up to a flooded counter even with an extra cup under the dispenser. You will not have coffee-just cleanup! It will leak in the off mode and the auto-on feature is hit or miss. Very disappointed!”

It’s not just the K-Elite. Unfortunately, people have had problems with the reliability and craftsmanship of the K-Supreme as well, ‘Cynthia’ sums it up nicely; 

“I loved the look of this Keurig….it brewed nicely, has a large water reservoir with a handle that made it easy to fill….it turns on automatically when you put in a k-cup and close it, then you choose your setting…..BUT in less than ONE month, it just stopped working… warning, nothing…..went to make a cup of coffee and it didn’t go on…..I had purchased this one from HSN, so I thought maybe it was just defective…..sent it back, and ordered this same one from Amazon. Well, this one worked for less than ONE week !! I don’t recommend this at all…..especially as a gift….I have gone through alot of Keurigs because I am a stay at home mom and I drink ALOT of coffee, but previous machines lasted alot longer than a week or a month !!!”

It seems there may be some issues on the production line at Keurig, but if you get one that works, it does all the wonderful things it promises. 

Winner: K-Elite

Final Verdict

Despite the inconsistent performance reviews, I’ve never had a problem with either one or any Keurig coffee maker for that matter. I have to tip my cap to the K-Supreme series in this case because I’m a sucker for an advanced model that treats me to a full-bodied coffee. The multistream tech is excellent if you like to try different types of coffee grinds, as it will prepare them much more evenly.   

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