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6 Best Bunn Coffee Makers – A Review and Buying Guide

best bunn coffee maker

It’s staggering how many people have drank coffee made by Bunn’s unique brewing method. If you have ever consumed a coffee from any restaurant, diner, office breakroom, or sports arena in the last 70 years, you have had a Bunn coffee. 

They invented the pour-over style that so many home brewers use today. While they are mostly known for their commercial success, Bunn also makes an incredible home machine.

This is my quest to find the best Bunn coffee makers for home use. Overall, the Bunn Speed Brew Elite CSB2B Coffee Brewer wins with its quality-made brewing system and high-grade materials. It shows off all of Bunn’s experience in one machine that is great for a wide range of households.

If this is the direction that Bunn is going, then color me excited!

Introduction To Bunn’s Greatest Invention

The story of Bunn is just as unique as its brewing process. The coffee industry is full of eccentric characters who always look for new ways to pass hot water through a coffee bean; George R. Bunn is one of those characters. 

A respected member of the Bunn family and business entity, George is credited with the invention of the machining process that is still used today. That includes the flat-bottom fluted filters that are so common. This is what’s special and how Bunn can make so much coffee so quickly. 

By keeping the water piping hot and then pouring it over a large amount of coffee, they can continuously make pot after pot. Originally this was meant for high-volume settings like offices and restaurants, but it brews so well that people started wanting it at home

While Bunn still tops the commercial market brewers, many options mimic this system for home use.

Overview of Our Favorites

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: BUNN Speed Brew Elite CSB2B Coffee Brewer

2. Best For Small Quantities: BUNN My Cafe Single-Cup Brewer

3. Most Automated: BUNN Heat N Brew Coffee Maker

4. Best For Large Groups: Bunn-O-Matic Pour-O-Matic Model

5. Most Stylish: BUNN Speed Brew Platinum Elite

6. Best For First-timers: BUNN Speed Brew BX 10-Cup Coffee Brewer

There are some similarities in these machines, so here is a detailed overview of each one and what separates them. 

The 6 Best Bunn Coffee Makers

BUNN Speed Brew Elite CSB2B Coffee Brewer – Best Overall

At A Glance
  • Style: Pour Over
  • Best For: Small households
  • Size: 10 Cups
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Programmable: No


  • Brew up to 50-ounce pots
  • Brews in less than 4 minutes
  • Can brew a 20-ounce travel mug
  • Drip-free carafe

BUNN coffee makers have a lot in common, but this one has all the best features combined into one. It’s great for home use and adds a touch of class to any kitchen. 

You can be sure this one has lightning-fast brewing time. It will give you a whole pot of coffee in less than 4 minutes which is unique to Bunn brewers. It’s perfect for coffee lovers who drink coffee consistently because you need to keep the water ready to take full advantage of its speed. 

The matte black finish with platinum accents separates this from the rest. BUNN is not just for commercial use anymore, and this will fit in well with any type of kitchen decor. Its small size means it won’t take up too much counter space either. 

Although it doesn’t look industrial, it still uses a multi-stream spray head design common on commercial machines and helps get an even flavor throughout the entire pot.

  • Fast brewing for a full carafe
  • Beautiful matte black with platinum accents
  • Compact size
  • Industrial spray head for even extraction
  • Only makes americano style

BUNN My Cafe Single-Cup Brewer – Best For Small Quantities

At A Glance
  • Style: Individual pod system
  • Best For: One Person
  • Size: 1 Cup
  • Carafe: Mug
  • Programmable: No


  • Brews different styles of great-tasting coffee and tea
  • Pulse brew option for customization
  • Compatible with K-cups and other coffee pods
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning

Bunn is thinking outside the box with this offering and jumping on the single-cup bandwagon. Since this style of coffee maker has gained popularity in the last ten years or so, it’s wise for an established company like Bunn to get in on the action. 

This offers much more than your average single-cup brewer. Yes, it’s compatible with K-cups through the use of its drawers. Simply insert the K-cup in the designated drawer and hit the brew button. 

If you want a nice cup of tea, you can use a different drawer to put your tea bag in. Water will pass through and produce a hot cup of whichever tea you choose. This can also be used to make hot chocolate or just hot water for anyone who likes a nice hot water with lemon. 

It has a removable drip tray, making it easy to clean since you’ll be making so many of your favorite beverages. 

Lastly, it also has a drawer for coffee grounds. You can get your own beans, grind them to the size you like, and then put them straight in this machine. Use the pulse brew button to customize the strength for a better coffee experience. 

  • Unique drawer setup makes brewing different styles easy
  • Use fresh grounds and K-cups
  • Make your own tea and hot chocolate
  • Brews one cup of coffee at a time, so there is no waste
  • No warmer plate

BUNN Heat N Brew Coffee Maker – Most Automated

At A Glance
  • Style: Pour-Over
  • Best For: Busy People
  • Size: 10 Cups
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Programmable: Yes


  • Contemporary and modern design
  • Clock and timer settings
  • Brews a whole pot or travel mug
  • Shatter-resistant and drip-free carafe

Are you looking to add a bit more style to your kitchen? This compact model has turned traditional design on its head and will catch the eye of anyone who comes near it. 

Looks aren’t everything, though, and this brewer has the chops to back up its incredible look. Able to make a full pot in under four minutes, you can be sure it stays hot with the warming plate. With safety in mind, the warming plate has an auto-off feature to keep your coffee hot without burning

You can have it whenever you’re ready with the timing feature. Prep this coffee machine the night before and use the display on the front to program the exact time you want your coffee ready. This is something previous models don’t have.

Due to its small size, it can also brew travel-size mugs for when you don’t need a whole pot. This makes a great addition to any RV or camping trailer because of its size and brewing capabilities. 

  • Updated contemporary design features 
  • Timer and clock to program your brew for anytime
  • Small size is great for apartments, condos, and RVs
  • Makes a whole pot or travel mug size
  • Not as fast as other Bunn classic models

Bunn-O-Matic Pour-O-Matic Model – Best For Large Groups

At A Glance
  • Style: Pour-Over
  • Best For: Commercial settings
  • Size: 20 Cups
  • Carafe: None
  • Programmable: No


  • Makes 3.8 gallons of coffee per hour
  • Great for office and workplace settings
  • Dual warming plates
  • No plumbing or electrical work needed

So you say you love coffee? Do you love coffee enough to drink this much of it? While you may not find this in too many homes, it does belong on this list for those settings that require a lot of coffee. 

Go big or go home is the mantra here, as this commercial-grade machine can make 3.8 gallons of coffee every hour. You’ll go through a lot of coffee grounds with this machine, so be prepared with many people to help you drink it all. 

Dual warming plates will keep the coffee hot and fresh for some time after it’s ready. They’re stacked on top of each other to save you countertop space. 

This commercial-grade brewer is much easier to set up than others because you won’t need a plumber or any electrical knowledge. It plugs into a regular outlet, and you can fill the water manually through the top hatch. This is handy because now you can move it to wherever is best without a huge hassle.  

  • Makes 3.8 gallons every hour
  • Dual warming plates
  • No plumbing or electrical work needed
  • Slim design can fit in smaller spaces better than other commercial machines
  • No carafes included

BUNN Speed Brew Platinum Elite – Most Stylish

At A Glance
  • Style: Pour-Over
  • Best For: Offices
  • Size: 10 Cups
  • Carafe: Thermal stainless steel
  • Programmable: No


  • Double-walled stainless steel carafe
  • Stainless steel hot water tank
  • Brews a full pot or one travel mug in under 4 minutes
  • Beautiful matte black finish with stainless steel accents

Keep your coffee hotter for longer with this stainless steel encrusted multi-use coffee maker. It can brew a whole pot or a travel mug size which is Bunn’s specialty. You’ll save money with this one, though, because you won’t have to brew as often. 

Make a whole pot in the double-walled and vacuum insulated coffee carafe to keep your coffee fresh for up to 2 hours. The thermal carafe is designed to keep it fresh and hot as well since there is no warming plate. 

The stainless steel doesn’t end there. The internal water tank is also lined with stainless steel, so it stays hot, and you always have water on demand. This is great for households where everyone is on different schedules. Keep this machine plugged in at all times to optimize the stainless steel water tank feature. 

All this steel adds a futuristic look that is pleasing to the eye and means it’s suitable for many different kitchen styles.  

  • Stainless steel double-walled carafe
  • Stainless steel lined hot water container
  • Brews one travel mug or a whole pot
  • Futuristic design to suit many different kitchen styles 
  • No warming plate 

BUNN Speed Brew BX 10-Cup Coffee Brewer – Best For First-timers

At A Glance
  • Style: Pour-Over
  • Best For: People in a rush
  • Size: 10 Cups
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Programmable: No


  • Brews in under 4 minutes
  • Lime-tolerant spray head coating
  • Drip-free spout on carafe
  • Compact design for household kitchens

This is another winner from Bunn because it brews fast and brews a lot. Other Bunn brewers are faster and brew more, but this one is the most versatile, and if it’s your first Bunn machine, this is the best choice for you. 

It makes 10 cups of coffee in under 4 minutes which is astonishing. The process is unique to Bunn, but it involves you having to pre-fill the water reservoir, so the water has time to pre-heat. Once that is done, your 4 minutes away from a delicious pot of coffee. 

This inside is made with a lime-resistant coating to keep your 10-cup home coffee brewer clean. This means you won’t have to clean it as much, and it won’t be a monumental task when you do. 

This is made for home use and anyone who wants a lot of coffee fast. It comes with a drip-free spout in the carafe and has the signature warming plate that Bunn is known for. However, this model does not have an auto-off feature so drink up before your coffee gets scorched. 

  • Brews 10 cups in under 4 minutes
  • Compact size is perfect for home use
  • Inside is protected by lime-resistant coating
  • Drip-free spout in the carafe
  • Warming plate is not as hot as others due to not having auto-shutoff

Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot to unpack with Bunn machines because they are quite similar to each other. We want to make sure you get the exact one for you so you’ll look forward to each cup. 


Bunn offers the broadest range of sizes out of any commercial coffee brewer. You can make one cup all the way up to many carafes. Deciding on your consumption level is the best place to start before shopping for Bunn machines

Choosing a larger or high-volume machine means you will go through a lot more ground coffee. Be sure to consider this if you prefer a more expensive bean. It also means you’ll have a lot of coffee to drink, so if you don’t have help, you may be wasting a lot of brew. 

Some Bunn machines are equipped to brew one mug at a time and a carafe. This gives you the option to either sneak in a coffee all to yourself or make some for your whole family. 


Bunn is known for its particular way of brewing. They use spray head technology that can only be found in their machines and other high-volume brewers. This process helps the speed but also the flavor. Pre-soaking the ground coffee beans provides a more even brewing temperature for better-tasting coffee. 

This is how Bunn can shorten the brewing times on almost all of their machines. Due to their speed, you’ll find these in many restaurants and other work settings. 

While it doesn’t offer much in the way of coffee options, you can count on it to produce coffee on demand to high standards and lots of it. 


Simply put, there’s not much versatility in this type of coffee maker. They have chosen to focus on making a cup of coffee fast and be able to quench the thirst of many. 

They are branching out a bit with the My Cafe line of single-cup coffee makers, but it takes away from the unique process that Bunn coffee machines have perfected over the years. The versatility is offered through different machine appearances and the volume at which you can brew

If you want to make lattes and cappuccinos, check out the more versatile machines out there

Settings & Features

This will also be an easier decision when choosing between Bunn coffee brewers. They are committed to keeping things easy so anyone can use their machines at any time. 

The newer and compact model—the Heat n’ Brew—allows users to program their machine to start brewing whenever they like. Most commonly used for morning use, this feature can be found in any basic model you find at Walmart. However, this is the only model with the Bunn name attached to it.   


Here is where Bunn offers you some choice. While they keep their design and appearance features subdued, there are some beautiful-looking machines to choose from. 

For anyone looking for aesthetic versatility, these are great. They stick to the tried and true black matte in most cases which helps keep them looking clean for a long time. Choose one with stainless steel accents if you want a splash of character. 

Stainless steel never goes out of style, and it also protects your brewer if you need to move it around a lot. 


Should my Bunn machine be plugged in all the time?

Yes, it would be best to keep your Bunn machine plugged in all the time; this is what keeps the water hot. The speed is due to having water on demand, so all you have to do is add coffee, and the hot water will be poured over en masse. Unplugging your machine will require it to pre-heat again once it’s plugged in and water is added.   

Does my Bunn machine need time to warm up?

Yes, your Bunn machine needs time to warm up. The secret to this system is always to have hot and ready-to-brew water. The first time you use this machine, you’ll need to fill it to the noted water level and allow about 15 minutes for it to come up to temperature. Once you have done that the first time, ensure you always have water in it, and you’ll never be more than 4 minutes away from a fresh pot of coffee. 

Do Bunn machines only make full pots?

No, some home-use Bunn machines make cups of coffee in different sizes. Most machines have a travel mug setting that brews 20-ounces. The My Cafe model can brew a cup as small as 4-ounces for those who like it strong and fragrant. It’s also capable of brewing with K-cups so that you can make one cup at a time.

What is the best Bunn machine?

The best Bunn machine is the BUNN Speed Brew Elite CSB2B Coffee Brewer. It combines all the great features you would find in a commercial unit but on a smaller scale. This is perfect for home use and busy ones at that. Able to brew a whole pot in under 4 minutes, you’ll never wait for coffee again and can focus on getting your day started. 


The best advice I was told about getting a Bunn product is to be sure you know what you’re getting. They have a very clear objective and don’t deviate from that. It’s not your average coffee maker. However, their Bunn Speed Brew Elite CSB2B Coffee Brewer incorporates all the best parts about Bunn but in an approachable way. It’s budget-friendly and a great way to get your foot in the Bunn door.