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Michael Balmer

Michael is the founder of My Coffee Base. He’s fascinated by the world of coffee brewing and eager to learn something new about it every day.

coffee grinds

Coffee Grind Chart – Understand The Basics Of Coffee Grinds

Understanding coffee grinds is crucial for coffee brewing. Check out our coffee grind chart for a perfectly extracted brew every time!

nespresso pixie review

Nespresso Pixie Review [Tried and Tested] 2023 – Is It Worth It?

In the world of capsule coffee machines, there’s a constant pursuit of getting as close as possible to ‘authentic’ espresso. This time, I had the chance to look at one of the aspirants, the Nespresso Pixie. Having purchased the Nespresso Pixie more than a year ago, I recently found myself with the perfect opportunity to…

coffee brewing methods

Coffee Brewing Methods – 22 Ways to Make Coffee at Home

Quality coffee brewing is a combination of art and science. But what method is best for you? Find out here.

how to clean coffee maker

How To Clean Your Coffee Maker – And Tips On How To Keep It Clean

Coffee makers are one of the germiest places in our homes. That’s why it’s vital to clean it on a regular basis. Check out how!

how much caffeine in coffee

How Much Caffeine In Coffee? – Caffeine Content Explained

Caffeine is part of the daily lives for many of us. But how much is in each cup and when does it become a health concern? Find out here.

arabica vs robusta

Arabica vs Robusta: What Are The Differences Between The Two Main Coffee Types?

Arabica and Robusta are the two main coffee species. What are the differences and why do we mostly drink Arabica? Find out here.

how long does coffee last

How Long Does Coffee Last? Shelf Life And Tips On How To Preserve Freshness

Coffee is a durable good that doesn’t go bad like other foods. But how long does it stay fresh? This guide will tell you.

how to use a french press

How To Use A French Press – Step By Step Brewing And Tips

A method of choice for many coffee-lovers, the French Press is known for creating an earthy, rich taste in your coffee. Check out how!

pour over coffee

Pour Over Coffee – All You Need To Know To Make The Perfect Brew At Home

Pour over coffee has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. But what is behind this method? You’ll find out in our guide.

how to make cold brew coffee

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee – Step By Step & Tips

Cold brew coffee is the way to go on a hot summer day. It’s smooth, slightly sweet, and very refreshing. Check out our step-by-step guide!