clint mccormick

Clint McCormick

Clint’s skills as a barista have made it easy for him to transition into writing about coffee. With so much personal experience and passion, he is able to shed light on all aspects of coffee to ensure you can enjoy this delicious beverage as much as he does.

best espresso machine under 300

Best Espresso Machine Under $300 – Top Picks and Buying Guide

Espresso makers can be expensive, but there are affordable options. We scoured the market und found 6 excellent espresso machines under $300.
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Best Espresso Machine Under $200 – Top Picks and Buying Guide

A solid espresso machine can be costly. Luckily for you, there are inexpensive deals. We present: The best espresso machine under $200.
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6 Best Espresso Machines Under $100 – Buying Guide

Drinking espresso doesn't have to be expensive. We've scoured the market for the best espresso machines under $100. Check out the top models!
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Best Espresso Machine Under $500 – Top Picks And Buying Guide

Espresso machines are available for any budget. We present: The best espresso machines under $500, for guaranteed delicious espresso.
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Best Coffee Maker Under $50 – Top Picks and Buying Guide

If you're on a tight budget, $50 can be enough to get your hands on a decent coffee maker. Check out the best models in this price bracket!
hamilton beach flexbrew vs keurig duo

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew vs Keurig Duo: Review and Guide

One cup at a time with pods or brew a full pot? These two coffee machine can do both: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew vs Keurig Duo - A Comparison.
best pour over kettle

Best Pour Over Kettle – Which One Should You Get?

A pour-over kettle allows you to pour accurately and slowly, a must to get the perfect extraction. We reviewed the best models on the market.
best kenyan coffee

Best Kenyan Coffee Brands – Review and Guide

As the next-door neighbor of the birthplace of coffee, Kenya produces some of the finest beans in the world. Check out our absolute favorites!
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Best Guatemalan Coffee – Top Picks Reviewed

Guatemala is home to some of the most floral and fruitiest coffee in the world. Check out our top picks from the Central American country.
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Best Cuban Coffee Brands – Top Picks and Reviews

Known for some of the darkest coffee in the world, Cuban beans have gained a following. Check out our top picks from the Caribbean island!
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Best K Cup For Iced Coffee – Review Of Our Top 6

Iced coffee is here to stay. That's a good thing, especially when I can just pop in a K-Cup and enjoy one so quickly. See our top picks.
best vietnamese coffee

Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands – Top Picks And Reviews

As one of the world's leading coffee exporters, Vietnamese coffee is complex, creamy, and fruity. Check out our favorite brands!
keurig elite vs supreme

Keurig Elite vs Supreme – Key Differences and Similarities

If you're sold on Keurig's ease of use and convenience but want more beverage variety, you're in the right place. This is Keurig Elite vs Supreme.
keurig slim vs mini

Keurig Slim vs Mini – Which One Is Better?

If you're short on space and need coffee fast, then one of these two Keurig machines is worth considering: Keurig Slim vs Mini.
best italian coffee

Best Italian Coffee Brands – Top Picks Reviewed

Italian coffee has made name for itself with their specialized preparation techniques. Check out our top coffee brands coming out of Italy!
best home coffee roaster

Best Home Coffee Roaster – Top 6 Picks

Since high-quality coffee roasters for home use can be hard to find, we hunted down the best models for high-caliber roasts. Find out our top picks!
best single dose grinder

Best Single Dose Grinder – Top Picks and Tips

Single dosing your grounds allows for more versatility and variety in your coffee routine. But what grinder to choose? Have a look at our top picks.
how to use a moka pot

How To Use A Moka Pot – Step By Step And Tips

With the Moka Pot, you'll feel like an Italian barista in no time with the proper technique and spot-on timing. We show you exactly how.
best single serve coffee maker no pods

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker No Pods – Our Top Picks

Single-serve coffee makers without pods are very easy to use and give you all the freedom to choose your favorite grounds. Explore our top picks.
vertuo vs evoluo

Nespresso Vertuo vs Evoluo – How Do They Compare?

This is a battle between two Nespresso VertuoLine coffee makers: Vertuo vs Evoluo. Both optimize pod technology, but which has the upper hand?
best costa rican coffee

Best Costa Rican Coffee – A Review and Buying Guide

Considered some of the best in the world, Costa Rican beans have an excellent reputation in the coffee industry. We selected the best ones!
how to sweeten coffee without sugar

How To Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar – 10 Tasty Ideas

Coffee and sugar are like peanut butter and jam, a combination loved by many. However, there are healthier alternatives to sweeten your cup of joe!
coffee growing regions

Coffee Growing Regions – A Guide

Being one the of the most popular drinks in the world, many are unaware where and under what conditions coffee is grown. Read on to find out!
best bunn coffee maker

6 Best Bunn Coffee Makers – A Review and Buying Guide

Mostly known for their commercial success, Bunn makes incredible home coffee machines too. Check out our top picks find the one for you.
best moka pot

Best Moka Pot: Top 7 Stovetop Coffee Makers

The iconic moka pot is something every coffee aficionado should have in their kitchen. We took a closer look and chose the top 7 models.
verismo vs keurig

Starbucks Verismo vs Nespresso – Review & Buying Guide

Two big names in the world of coffee: Starbucks Verismo and Nespresso. Read on and find out which one makes the better machines.
vertuo vs original

Nespresso VertuoLine vs Original – Which one to Choose?

Regular coffee vs espresso - Nespresso Vertuo vs Original. But is there more to it? We broke down the two product lines so you don't have to.
nespresso vs keurig

Nespresso vs Keurig: Which Pods Make Better Coffee?

Nespresso and Keurig are two big names in the coffee industry. We got to the bottom of the similarities and differences to help you choose.
delonghi vs nespresso

De’Longhi vs Nespresso – An In-Depth Review

Quality and sophistication vs. speed and ease-of-use. This is De'Longhi vs Nespresso. We took a close look to help with your decision.
verismo vs keurig

Verismo vs Keurig – An In-Depth Comparison and Review

Starbucks and Keurig: Two big names in the coffee industry, but which one makes better coffee machines? We have the detailed breakdown.
breville vs delonghi

Breville vs DeLonghi – Which Makes Better Espressos?

Both Breville and DeLonghi make excellent espresso. But what machine better suits your needs? We did the breakdown and got the answer for you!
keurig k250 vs k250 plus

Keurig K250 vs K250 Plus – Differences and Buying Guide

Choosing the best Keurig can be tricky. The K250 and the K250 Plus are similar, so we had a very close look at the differences for you.
keurig k10 vs k15

Keurig K10 vs K15 – Detailed Comparison and Review

The Keurig K10 and K15 both offer a straightforward process for a fresh cup of coffee. But what are the differences and which one should you get?
keurig k50 vs k55

Keurig K50 vs K55: Which One To Choose

These two entry-level coffee machines are perfect for getting your foot in the Keurig door: Keurig K50 vs K55 - Find out how they compare.
keurig mini vs mini plus

Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus: Differences, Similarities and Buying Guide

So you're looking for a compact coffee machine from Keurig? This is it, Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus. Find out which one suits you best.
keurig vs ninja

Keurig vs Ninja: How Do They Compare and Which One Should You Get?

Keurig with their single-pod technology vs Ninja with their more traditional brewing system. Which one is better? Read on for the showdown
keurig 1.0 vs 2.0

Keurig 1.0 vs 2.0 — Which One Is Right For You?

Keurig 1.0 vs 2.0: Also similar in essence, there are some significant differences between Keurig's two product lines. Check them out here.
how to use an aeropress

How To Use An AeroPress – Brewing Guide & Instructions

The Aeropress is a versatile little gadget that makes great coffee one cup at the time. Read on to find out how to use it and get the best out of it.