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Michael Balmer

Founder of My Coffee Base, coffee enthusiast

I’ve come a long way in my relationship with coffee. Initially, I didn’t particularly enjoy the taste and only drank it to stay alert. However, everything changed when I visited a Colombian coffee farm in 2019 and was introduced to the delicate and clean taste of pour-over coffee. Since then, my love for coffee has grown, and I’ve become increasingly curious about everything related to it. Over time, I have experimented with countless brewing methods and learned everything I can about the world of coffee.

These days, nothing beats starting my day with a freshly brewed cup of French Press coffee. When I’m not exploring the world of coffee, I enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling to lesser-known places, and reading non-fiction books.

michael balmer
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Clint McCormick

Former Barista and Restaurant Manager with a passion for all things coffee

Throughout college, my relationship with coffee was similar to most, I drank it to stay awake and study. Once I finished college, I started working in a small European coffee shop and everything changed. I learned about the different brewing styles and how to properly incorporate milk and sugar. I learned about beans, how they are roasted, and what the benefits are of grinding your own. For the first time, my eyes were open and it wasn’t because of the caffeine. I have traveled through Oaxaca to experience the origins of coffee and also to see how other cultures enjoy this timeless beverage. With all this love and passion, I feel very privileged to be able to write about coffee. Sharing my experiences and knowledge with other coffee-lovers is something I’m proud to do.

clint mccormick
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Aidan Gant

Former Barista and Coffee industry professional, turned writer

Although I have enjoyed coffee for as long as I can remember, my first real engagement with specialty coffee came in 2015 at a farmer’s market. I met a roaster who convinced me to buy an AeroPress, then all but refused to grind my coffee for me and talked me into buying a manual grinder as well. This was the start of a weekly dialogue where I would learn a little more each time and try different single-origin beans. Before long I downed tools in the kitchen and started work as a barista. I trained in the flagship coffee shop of a local roaster and SCA trainer. Since then I have had a coffee shop of my own and begun a career writing about and sharing my knowledge of coffee.

aidan gant